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At Orizon, we consider the hands-on approach that we take to be responsible for the reputable name we have built over the years in the South of Brazil.  Through our reputation, we have had the great pleasure of providing our services to many of the maritime industry's most revered names.

We work closely with our clients and put their interests first. Our rich experience and premium standards are matchless in the industry.


One can expect a worldwide range of shipments and products with priority attention to: hygiene, cleanliness, and efficiency.


We provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients.

Our clients include:

·         Fafalios Shipping SA

·         Nomikos AMTransworld

·         Cyprus Maritime

·         Narval Shipping Corp.

·         Vita management SA

·         Lapland SA-Virgo

·         Vulcanus technical maritime.

·         Vamvaship maritime SA

.         Larus S.A.

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