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Orizon is a Brazilian company with more than 20 years experience. Since 1994, Orizon has provided maritime supply and performance services in three different ports :Paranaguá, Antonina and São Francisco do Sul. We also have a branch in the main Brazilian port of Santos.

Commanded by Captain Konstantinos Papanastassiou, Orizon provides the respect of the Greek tradition in shipping trade. The company managed to consolidate positions in the marine market

and has gained client regard over the past 26 years.



Orizon is divided into two main  departments:

Core Business and Key Fields of Operation.
1.    Marine supplies (with our own warehouse, trucks and refrigerated rooms) for:

·         Provisions (dry and fresh)

·         Deck

·         Engine

·         Cabin

·         Bonded

·         Medicines

·         Stationary

·         Safety Products









2.    A Protective Agency for Owners and Charters, attending to :

·         Spare Parts Clearance

·         Emergency Calls for Repairs

·         Salvage Operations

·         Towing Contracts

·         Crew Changes

·         Bunkering Calls

·         Holds Cleaning

·         Inspections at the Anchorage Area

·         Underwater Survey and Class Society Survey

·         Cash to Master Arrangements

·         Repatriation of Stowaways

·         Other









*For more information or a direct quotation for services, please contact us.








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